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7 Best Baking Soda Cleaning Ideas You Must Know

Naveed Ganatra

Honestly, you’ll be awestruck if you knew how many things you can clean using baking soda. Exactly! That little box of white power sitting somewhere in either your pantry or fridge can do a lot more than that.

So what’s baking soda? It’s a type of salt made by mixing 2 very safe naturally occurring compounds; Sodium carbonate and Carbon dioxide. Its versatility is insane as it can be used for cooking, cleaning, medicine and personal hygiene. Therefore, we’ve come up with some amazing cleaning uses for baking soda. So let’s dive in;

Remove Scuff Marks on Walls

For that, you need to make a 50-50 paste of baking soda and water. Find any scuff marks on your painted wall. Rub it gently and wipe away. Make sure you do it the right way, and the proportion of the solution is 50-50. You’ll see the marks gone quite easily.

Underarm Deodorant

Many of you or it would be much determined to say, many of us, have terrible under smell. So it’s really important to get rid of it for sure. Here’s how you do it. Simply just apply a pinch under the dry arm, and even the world body odor will be trapped within a few seconds. In short, it’s a quick fix.

Unclog the Smelliest

Here’s the best tip! When baking soda combines with vinegar, you’ve got a lifesaver. Thus, it can clean almost anything. Let’s fix the smelly drains at the moment. Simply add a Cup of baking soda to the drain. Let it sit for almost an hour, till then you can boil 2 cups of plain white vinegar. Once done, dump it down the drain. In the end. Make sure you run the hot water. And the drain won’t stink anymore.

Clean the Grout

This one’s pretty simple and a little bit fun thing to do in case you enjoy cleaning. Take a little bit of baking soda & sprinkle it over the grout-line, spray some water and scrub the grout using some old toothbrush. And voila! You’re done. Don’t forget to wipe it all using the microfiber cloth.


Add Abrasion

No matter whichever the cleaning solution. If baking soda is mixed into that, it’ll create abrasion. Thus, it betters up your cleaning solution with regards to its performance and its ability to fight stains. Who knew that an ordinary yellow box would do so many wonders?

Carpet Deodorizer

A ton of odors get trapped in your carpets, and you need to get rid of that. Since commercial deodorizers are costly, you can go for some cheaper and effective alternative like Baking soda. It would neutralize all the smells and is easier to use as well.

Homemade Car Cleaners

Do you want to use the cheapest and just perfect homemade car tire cleaner? Just use the baking soda. Use it to scrub the tires and clean carpets. Not only it’ll save you money but also give you a quality ride.

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Updated: March 24, 2018 — 4:17 pm

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